Daniel at Easel.jpg

planting flowers in a toy truck…

I’ve never lived anywhere else. I’ve lived in the valley all my life rooted in nature, almost literally. From the time I was a small boy, I grew flowers, plants, dug in the garden. When I began to paint, I painted flowers. Our paintings are thoroughly rooted here, in this place, and it shows – and that sense of place is our first point of contact.

There’s a funny story I tell about myself: When I was a small boy, I was given a toy truck, all gleaming metal and bright colors. It was a perfect gift for a typical boy. I, however, filled it with dirt and planted flowers in it because that’s what I loved.

An expert is not some special creature but someone who has mastered the logic, the fundamentals. An expert is someone who is on a quest to improve. And I think that, more than anything else is why we have mutual respect both as friends and artists—and that goes a long way.



Hunting Birds in the fog….

When I was about six or seven years old, I lived out in the country and stole out of my house to go exploring during one of the amazing, ethereal fogs of the central valley. I used to hunt birds in the fog with my BB gun. It was that mystery of trying to find something that entranced me. I am still hunting birds in the fog. I am finding the ghosts in the central valley, still trying to find the little mysteries. That is why I am so intentionally regional. I am still painting that same feeling. Though I never killed a bird, I am hunting them still.